Tinkabell (Lenny)'s 64th Birthday

On the 18th March 2000 Lenny celebrated his 64th Birthday. Here are a few dodgy pictures I managed to take before the batteries in my camera died. I appologise for the picture and subject quality - must get a new camera sometime.

Lenny puts on the tiara Cath got him

Chris takes a peak at Lenny's cards

Lenny tucks in on the round table

The guests in the west wing

A view of the east wing

Jamie wonders what to play next...

And lights a fag instead

Steve gives me the look

Cath tells me to go away

Steve gives Marie a quick cuddle

Lenny puts on his shirt from Bill...

Whilst the pub looks on...

And drops his trousers at the girl's request

Marie get the giggles

Chris does a trick with a sausage roll